Wilson Family Home Session

This sweet family is near and dear to my heart! Loved getting to capture this season of life and it's sweetness for them! 

Shot with Contax 645 using Portra 800 & Fuji 400H film /  Film Processing: PhotoVision

Whyte Family

Loved getting to hangout with Luke & Rachel and document their growing family! Looking forward to meeting their little boy, James Lucas who will be here so soon! 

Shot with Contax 645  /  Film Processing: PhotoVision

Znachko Family Home Session

We love this family and love their cozy, welcoming, peaceful home! This next year will be full of adventure for us with this sweet family as we will be moving to Indianapolis with them this summer to plant a church! I love that I got to document this season of them in College Station in their sweet home. 

Shot with Contax 645 using Portra 800 film /  Film Processing: PhotoVision

Jonathan + Nyssa Engaged | Rock Lake Ranch

So excited to be documenting Jonathan & Nyssa's big day tomorrow out at Rock Lake Ranch!

Shot with Contax 645 using Fuji 400H film /  Film Processing: PhotoVision

Mr. & Mrs. Taylors

Wow, it's been so long since I've blogged a wedding! Well l am very excited to be sharing Mr. & Mrs. Taylor's joyous celebration! 


Vendor love:


Venue: 7f Lodge 

Coordinator: Wonderfully Wed

Florals: Unforgettable Floral

MUAH: Hannah Zieschang

Cake: Sandee's Sweets

DJ: Downtown Event Services 

Bartending: Luke's Bartending Service 

Dress: David's Bridal

Rentals: Party Time Rentals & Ashley & Co.

Scans by PhotoVision

Shot with Canon 5D mk ll & lll & Contax 645 using Fuji 400H & Portra 800 film /  Film Processing: PhotoVision 

A Morning Routine featured on Cottage Hill

I'm so excited to share my favorites from this shoot with you guys! Cottage Hill reached out to me this spring about creating a shoot that displayed a mother's morning routine and incorporated a healthy breakfast. I immediately thought of my multi-talented friend, Hannah Zieschang to help me put it all together! I loved brainstorming for this shoot and thinking about how we were going to create it. These are the things we wanted to portray in a mother's ideal morning routine.

1. Her getting time with Jesus first thing so she's full and able to meet her day with a whole-heart.

2. Her having little moments with her children & husband.

3. Her making breakfast and serving her kids. 

This is obviously a styled shoot, so it probably doesn't look this glamorous for you mom's every day. But the meaning behind these precious photos are what's important! Hopefully all the prettiness and sweet snuggles just inspires you to be intentional with your mornings!

Thank you everyone who helped make this shoot happen! 

Styling + Hair and Makeup by Hannah Zieschang 

Food by Hannah Zieschang and Lini Wall 

Clothing and accessories by Northgate Vintage 

Kitchen products by Belle & Union 

Read at the bottom about the giveaway I'm doing this week! 

To see Cottage Hill's features of this shoot click on the links below!

Feature 1: http://www.cottagehillmag.com/journal/2015/5/14/option-morning-routine-broken-up

Feature 2: http://www.cottagehillmag.com/journal/2015/5/14/prjwevala3159adhl8qe8nwc67x4h9

Feature 3: http://www.cottagehillmag.com/journal/2015/5/14/morning-kick-juice-recipe

Feature 4: http://www.cottagehillmag.com/journal/2015/5/14/fresh-juice-and-banana-pancakes

Giveaway Time!

And because I enjoy documenting people in their cozy homes so much, I'm doing a giveaway for a home lifestyle session on Instagram! The contest started last Friday and will end this friday at 12:00pm and I'll announce the winner later that afternoon! 

If you're on Instagram, you can enter! Find out how to enter by looking at one of my most recent instagram posts about the giveaway. My username is @Sarah.best

Thank you everyone who has entered so far! I love reading why you'd like to document your family in your home!


Mrs. Seaborn

I'm so excited to finally share these lovely bridals of this sweet friend! We have been friends since high school and it was such a treat getting to take these! Isn't she GORGEOUS?! 

Shot with Contax 645 using Fuji 400H film /  Film Processing: PhotoVision

Taking a quick break...

Hey friends!

I've decided to take the month of May to rest and reset with goals. I honestly have just been behind and it was starting to be more of a hindrance than a help. So I've decided to take it slower this month on the goal setting and to get some time to realign my priorities by leaving a space to get vision again for what matters most and then let everything come from that place. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed and like your focus is being pulled in a lot of different directions? Maybe you should consider pausing and making a space to get fresh vision for this season of your life. And then let everything come from that place. 

So until next time, I will leave you with some cuteness of a sweet friend and her adorable daughter, Rosie! You won't be able to not smile after seeing these! =D

Shot with Contax 645 using Portra 800 film /  Film Processing: PhotoVision

Mrs. Olf | The Amish Barn at Edge

You couldn't tell by the way these look, but it was a nasty-damp and freezing day! We weren't sure if the rain was going to hold off long enough let us take photos outside. As the rain did hold off, (thank you Jesus!) we'd run out and snap a few then go back inside for a bit and sit by the massive space heater. Claire was such a trooper in the 40 something degree weather! So, given the circumstances, I'm THRILLED with how these turned out! 

Amazing florals by Claire's amazing friend, Emberlen

Venue: Amish Barn at Edge

Dress: Weddings by Debbie

Film Processing: PhotoVision

Shot with Contax 645 using Fuji 400H film.


Mr. & Mrs. Jolly | Olde Dobbin Station

Hi there!

I'm very excited to share Ruth & Aaron's classy, elegant wedding with you all! Olde Dobbin is always a beautiful venue to photograph at. As you can tell, this was a joyous day full of happy tears and fun celebration! 

Vendor love:

Venue: Olde Dobbin Station

Coordinator: Events by Brandy

Florist: Moosefeathers Florist

Cake: Olde Towne Bakery

DJ & PhotoboothDynamic DJ

Hair: Catwalk BCS

Rentals: Events to Remember

Dress: David's Bridal

SBP April Goals & March Recap

Howdy friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with family! Sam and I got to spend the weekend with his parents in East Tx. It's always such a good time- full of good eats, fellowship and rest!

Throughout today's post I'll be sharing a few shots from my recent trip to New York! They are all film, taken with my Contax 645.

New York City

Here's a recap for my March goals!

✔️ 1. Celebrate w/ two great couples and shoot 2 beautiful weddings! - They were beautiful! 

✔️ 2. Shoot my first all film styled shoot! - I cannot wait to see the scans!!! Shout out to all the amazing vendors & models that helped out! 

3. Start our family's new monthly tradition. - Didn't make this happen yet. 

✔️ 4. Get organized on all admin fronts (taxes, budgeting, new bookkeeping system, etc...) - made huge strides in this area! Still some ways to go! 

✔️ 5. Blog 1 wedding & 1 session. - ( 1 session)

✔️ 6. Finish painting living room and start on kitchen! - Finished living room walls, entry and doors, but need to finish trim. Also, change of plans- starting on bedroom next, not kitchen.

✔️ 7. Attend a marriage retreat with Sam. 

✔️ 8. Attend our life group retreat.

9. Have new family photos taken by Loft Photographie! (We won their christmas giveaway!) #winning - scheduled for this month due to weather- so excited! 

10. Submit a fall wedding to a blog (i'm having to really crack down on the details here)! Hah! - Change of plans

11. Order print products for office. - Change of plans

✔️ 12. Plan week every Sunday. - Consistently planned week

13. Start running 1-2 times a week and continue to do crossfit 2-3 times a week. - working progress!

✔️ 14. Crack down (aka get organized/make it happen) on personal & work boundary lines as well as my morning ritual.   - working progress!


New York

As I've been reflecting about how I've approached setting goals and sharing them each month, I've decided that I wanted to clarify my "vision" for it, and make some minor adjustments.


This is a place and a space for me to share my "overview goals" and sometime the "not urgent" but "important" business and personal goals for each month. This is different than my monthly/weekly/daily to do lists that tend to hold the smaller and more urgent daily tasks.


I'm finding that just by having the accountability to have to post these on my blog towards the beginning of each month, is helping me make it happen- instead of it just becoming another "important" but "not urgent" thing on my "to do" list that doesn't get done when life gets crazy.

I've been learning a lot about prioritizing the "important" and not just letting the "urgent" take over. Sharing my goals each month is a way that I am bringing attention to the "important" things (not to say that ALL my goals each month are more important than any other daily tasks). It's also neat for me to share the fun things coming up because it's a way that I get to stir up a celebratory heart about life. Which I'm all about!

So without further ado... here's my April goals!

1. Plan and host our very first "Toast". (our new monthly tradition).

2. Collaborate/plan some up and coming shoots!

3. Get crazy on my workflow.

4. Set up 17 Hats workflow.

5. Submit shoots.

6. Get 5Dmk ll cleaned.

7. Blog twice.

8. Paint bedroom and finish livingroom trim.

9. Start 14 day cleanse. 

10. Support raise for our mission trip to Dubai this summer.

11. Start/continue running 1-2 times a week and crossfit 2-3 times a week.

12. Drink more water!

13. Continue to do my morning routine & start work by 9am. 

14. Have new family photos taken by Loft Photographie!


Well, there you have it folks!

Are any of you making monthly goals? I'd love for you to share them! Comment below with them or share a link to them. 


Thanks for reading!




Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor | 7F Lodge

I'm so excited to share Elizabeth's bridals out at 7F Lodge & Spa, in College Station!

This was my first session to incorporate film last fall, so I wanted to share how lovely they turned out! 

Venue: 7f Lodge 

Florals: Unforgettable Floral

MUAH: Hannah Zieschang 

Dress: David's Bridal

Contax 645 / Canon 650 35mm / Fuji 400H / Photo Vison

March Goals & February Recap

Howdy friends!

Hope y'all had a great February! I know mine was pretty jam-packed... more than I thought it would be before February showed up. It was such a good month though- full of fun, amazing, awesome AND hard things- but ALL worth it. Here's a recap!

February Recap:

✔️  1. Host the "photographer's coffee break". - It was a hit! Thank you everyone who came! Love hosting people in our home! 

✔️  2. Photograph one my best friend's engagement session in NEW YORK! - This trip was so great! I'm so thankful for all the super fun experiences I had with my friend and her fiance. Still waiting for the film scans to come in- hoping it will be today or tomorrow (fixers crossed)!  

✔️  3Actually get stuff together for taxes. :-P I did START doing this! *high five to self* #happydance 

     4Continue plans for a styled shoot I've been dreaming up! Eeek! - Does mental preparation count? Hah...

✔️  5. Blog at least twice. - Well, if you include February's goals post then I did. =) 

✔️  6. Continue to update portfolio. 

     7. Finish 2015 welcome packet stuff.

    8. Submit a wedding & session to a wedding blog. 

     9Finish final touch-ups to livingroom paint.  This IS happening this Wednesday! 

✔️  10Dream and plan for the new monthly tradition Sam and I are starting.

      11Send in my 5D Mkll to get a tune up. 

✔️  12Be intentional with friendships.

✔️  13Catch up on business finances. Organization. Organization. Organization.

✔️  14. Continue to wake up and start my "morning ritual" by 7am Sunday-Friday. - You know what, I read this and kind of felt like I failed, but looking back over February COMPARED to January, I did SO MUCH BETTER! So "✔️ " it is! 

✔️  15. And last but not least: go on a hott date with the hubs for Valentines day! :-D - Double check! 


Well, February wasn't too shabby on the "To do" list, but could be better... But you know what?? THAT'S OKAY! I'm learning so much about having grace with myself and not having too high of expectations. Yeah these were "goals", but I tend to put more on my plate and then prioritize within my goals what has to be done in that moment (or day or week, etc...),  and that is what I try and tackle first, and then leave the rest to be done later. Maybe that sounds a little bit like a contradiction, "don't have too high expectations"  & "put more on your list, then prioritize" but it works for me. :-)   

Here's Meggie & Matt being awesome in Central Park! 

Sarah Best Photography / Meggie & Matt / NYC Central Park Engagements


March Goals:


1. Celebrate w/ two great couples and shoot 2 beautiful weddings!

2. Shoot my first all film styled shoot!

3. Start our family's new monthly tradition. 

4. Get organized on all admin fronts (taxes, budgeting, new bookkeeping system, etc...)

5. Blog 1 wedding & 1 session.

6. Finish painting living room and start on kitchen!

7. Attend a marriage retreat with Sam.

8. Attend our life group retreat.

9. Have new family photos taken by Loft Photographie! (We won their christmas giveaway!) #winning 

10. Submit a fall wedding to a blog (i'm having to really crack down on the details here)! Hah!

11. Order print products for office. 

12. Plan week every Sunday. 

13. Start runing 1-2 times a week and continue to do crossfit 2-3 times a week. 

14. Crack down (aka get organized/make it happen) on personal & work boundary lines as well as my morning ritual.  


And here's another sneak peek from New York! 

Sarah Best Photography / Meggie & Matt / NYC Central Park Engagements

Jonathan & Brittanys

SO happy to share Brittany & Jonathan's engagement session with you! Especially because all of these images are FILM! There's just something so pure and magical about film! I'm definitely smitten with how these turned out! Jonathan and Brittany, you guys are so adorable and I cannot wait for your wedding in July!


Contax 645 / Fuji 400H / Photo Vison

Happy New Year | Jan Goals

Happy New Year, friends!


I am officially back in the office after my holiday break! I'm excited for this year and excited for the new things that are in store for it! 

Gosh, has it been a whole month since I've posted? Wow, December, you were awesome!

Well, I'll start things off with several business-y things that I'm thankful for from 2014 (in no particular order).

1. Getting to reband my business! (game changer!)

2. Meeting & spending time with other creatives that share the same heart and vision for community in the industry. (another game changer!)

3. Getting to invest in my education through books like "Boundaries", the "E-myth", "Ordering your Private World", "Essentialism", and Podcasts like "This Is Your Life" w/ Michael Hyatt, as well as attending Michelle Boyd's business workshop, "BEGIN" last spring. 

4. Finally getting to start my film photography journey- let's just say that I'm smitten for life! :-)

5. Software like squarespace, pixieset and blogstomp. They changed my life this year!

Vision for sharing my goals...

Now, I don't have all my "year goals" done yet, but for now I'll share my January goals. Sharing my goals is something I've been wanting to do for a while now. The main reason is to have accountability by having to actually write them down and post them somewhere. My heart behind this isn't to try and "show off" or compete with others in any way. My heart for this is that it would be a source of encouragement and a resource to others. Some of my favorite blog posts from other creatives have been them being open and honest with their goals. This isn't going to be as much of a "to do" type list, but more of an overview of what I hope to accomplish in that month along with a few fun things that will be reminders to make the important things (like going on dates with my husband, taking care of my health, community etc...) happen. :-)

Now without further ado, here are my January goals!

1. Finish all sessions left from 2014.

2. Photograph a wedding.

3. Finish Lara Casey's powersheets.

4. Finish Painting our livingroom. 

5. Make a financial plan for 2015.

6. Make new workflow board or binder system.

7. Revamp SBP collections.

8. Blog 1 wedding from last year.

9 Blog some film sessions.

10. Revamp portfolio. 

11. Finish Welcome packet stuff.

12. Call or hand write thank you's for christmas gifts. 

13. Celebrate 2-year anniversary with my wonderful husband!

14. Submit a wedding or shoot to Cottage Hill. (I'm terrible with submitting things)

15. Start working on gathering tax stuff. 


Well there you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed reading through these! If you're doing the same or have recently made some goals for 2015, I'd love for you to share them in the comments below or leave a link to where I can find them! I'd love to follow along!  

I'll leave you guys with some personal film photographs I've taken over the last few months! As you'll see, I like potted plants. :-)

And some from Thanksgiving weekend in East Texas...

Contax 645 / Canon 650 / Fuji 400 / Fuji 400H/ Photo Vision

Monday Moments | Week 4

Hi there!

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend with your families! Mine was most refreshing and I'm so thankful for it! 

Sorry to skip out on you guys last week without even a heads up! I decided to take off the whole week from my weekly fun "habits". 

Today's "Monday Moment" is this sweet SWEET moment when Corey & Stefan were walking back to the venue after their first look. I love these kinds of moments the most because I didn't "stage" it. Those tend to be my favorite! That's another reason why I love first looks because you have more time to get sweet moments like this with the bride and groom before the ceremony when things aren't rushed like they can be right after the ceremony. Just sayin!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful Monday!


Monday Moments | Week 3

Happy Monday, friends!


It's week 3 of "Monday Moments"!

Today's moment is not only an all time favorite of mine at weddings in general, but this moment specifically was one I won't forget!

 On a beautiful day last May, Max was completely overwhelmed with emotion and pure joy as his bride came down the aisle towards him. This moment was so special and I'm honored I got to witness it and document it. 

Again, crying pictures warm my heart! :-)

Have a great week!