Happy New Year | Jan Goals

Happy New Year, friends!


I am officially back in the office after my holiday break! I'm excited for this year and excited for the new things that are in store for it! 

Gosh, has it been a whole month since I've posted? Wow, December, you were awesome!

Well, I'll start things off with several business-y things that I'm thankful for from 2014 (in no particular order).

1. Getting to reband my business! (game changer!)

2. Meeting & spending time with other creatives that share the same heart and vision for community in the industry. (another game changer!)

3. Getting to invest in my education through books like "Boundaries", the "E-myth", "Ordering your Private World", "Essentialism", and Podcasts like "This Is Your Life" w/ Michael Hyatt, as well as attending Michelle Boyd's business workshop, "BEGIN" last spring. 

4. Finally getting to start my film photography journey- let's just say that I'm smitten for life! :-)

5. Software like squarespace, pixieset and blogstomp. They changed my life this year!

Vision for sharing my goals...

Now, I don't have all my "year goals" done yet, but for now I'll share my January goals. Sharing my goals is something I've been wanting to do for a while now. The main reason is to have accountability by having to actually write them down and post them somewhere. My heart behind this isn't to try and "show off" or compete with others in any way. My heart for this is that it would be a source of encouragement and a resource to others. Some of my favorite blog posts from other creatives have been them being open and honest with their goals. This isn't going to be as much of a "to do" type list, but more of an overview of what I hope to accomplish in that month along with a few fun things that will be reminders to make the important things (like going on dates with my husband, taking care of my health, community etc...) happen. :-)

Now without further ado, here are my January goals!

1. Finish all sessions left from 2014.

2. Photograph a wedding.

3. Finish Lara Casey's powersheets.

4. Finish Painting our livingroom. 

5. Make a financial plan for 2015.

6. Make new workflow board or binder system.

7. Revamp SBP collections.

8. Blog 1 wedding from last year.

9 Blog some film sessions.

10. Revamp portfolio. 

11. Finish Welcome packet stuff.

12. Call or hand write thank you's for christmas gifts. 

13. Celebrate 2-year anniversary with my wonderful husband!

14. Submit a wedding or shoot to Cottage Hill. (I'm terrible with submitting things)

15. Start working on gathering tax stuff. 


Well there you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed reading through these! If you're doing the same or have recently made some goals for 2015, I'd love for you to share them in the comments below or leave a link to where I can find them! I'd love to follow along!  

I'll leave you guys with some personal film photographs I've taken over the last few months! As you'll see, I like potted plants. :-)

And some from Thanksgiving weekend in East Texas...

Contax 645 / Canon 650 / Fuji 400 / Fuji 400H/ Photo Vision