Monday Moments | Week 3

Happy Monday, friends!


It's week 3 of "Monday Moments"!

Today's moment is not only an all time favorite of mine at weddings in general, but this moment specifically was one I won't forget!

 On a beautiful day last May, Max was completely overwhelmed with emotion and pure joy as his bride came down the aisle towards him. This moment was so special and I'm honored I got to witness it and document it. 

Again, crying pictures warm my heart! :-)

Have a great week!

Monday Moments | Week 2

Welcome back for week 2 of "Monday Moments" here on the blog!

 Today's moment is quite a tearjerker. Right after Ruth got into her dress, as her sister helped with the finishing touches, the realization began to sink in a little further, that TODAY was the day she would marry her best friend! 

One of my favorite part of weddings are when the tears start flowing from overwhelming joy and happiness! It immediately makes me feel more connected to them because I'm getting to share in the moment and raw emotions they are feeling right then. (makes me want to cry just thinking about it). Those moments remind me why I love my job! :-)

What part of weddings make you "boohoo" the most? I'd love to hear!


Happy Monday!