Couple's Session Winner | SBP Launch

Wow! Today marks 1 week since I launched my new brand! I'm SO excited and relieved to be Sarah Best Photography now! Thank you all again for making my launch week so wonderful!

I would like to especially thank some individuals:

Northgate Vintage friends- Kate & Rachel & Lauren Shutter with Noonday:

Thank you friends for being for me and helping support my launch! Means so much!


Thank you so much for being such a great friend and helping me make some final decisions with my launch week! You helped more than you know!


Thank you for all your amazing work and expertise in making my new brand look and feel so true to the vision I had! I am so so thankful I have gotten to work with you!


Thank you sweetie for all your support and love in through this process! I couldn't do this without you! I love you so much!


Giveaway Winners!

This decision was so so difficult for us! We could hardly choose! Thank you for taking the time and share about your sweet love or family member! I really appreciate your intentionality!

After much rumination, Sam and I selected Kira & Brandon Bronaugh! Congratulations you two! I will be contacting you soon!  

Kira's entry:       

"Yay for chances to brag on Brandon! One way that Brandon consistently loves and cares for me is by always making time for me. Even if it's something he doesn't want to do or enjoy doing, even if he's really tired or has other things to get done.. Brandon always takes time to help, listen, or do some kind of act of service that blesses me. Whether it's doing the dishes, helping me with my icky physics homework, packing my lunch, or simply looking for a chance to see me throughout the day to give me a hello and a kiss. He is a man of quality time and acts of service! God has truly blessed me with this strong, gentle and patient man!"


For everyone else who entered, you can email me at to receive a coupon voucher for participating! 



Marriage | SBP Launch

Wow... this week has been such a success! I am so very thankful for the way the Lord has blessed my heart these last 5 days! I've had a blast, and I'm so happy I don't have to keep it all a secret anymore! ;-) What a relief! :-D

Yesterday I was featured on Becky's blog! She is the artist behind my beautiful new logo & business cards! I shared about her on Tuesday, so if you missed that, check it out here.

Below is another peek of my fabulous business cards and my new wooden thumb drives that I'll be giving to all my wedding clients! I'm so pumped!

Yesterday's Winner

I'm thrilled that so many of you subscribed to my blog! I hope that you will be encourage and inspired each time you receive a post from me!

The winner of the $50 Noonday Collection gift voucher is Anna Decker! Yay, congrats friend! Email me to collect your voucher!

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out all Noonday's amazing jewelry and handmade items here

Photos by J.Bird Photography

Photos by J.Bird Photography

Today's blog is all about marriage and love! Why? Because I am a huge fan! Especially because I get to be married to a hunk like Samuel Lynn Best... just sayin. He's pretty much the Bee's Knees. I'm THRILLED I get to live life each day with him, and I'm honored to follow the Lord along side him! He is so slow to anger and abounding in GRACE... lots of it... Haha, because I neeeeed it. He ALWAYS makes me laugh when I'm set on being stubborn and frustrated. He serves me waaaay better than I serve him (he will probably have more treasures in heaven than me because of it though, so I don't feel too bad about it ;-) )! Seriously y'all, he is Mr. Best. (pun intended) =) 

I'm passionate about revealing the truth that marriage is what your wedding day is about. Your wedding is just the beginning of building a rich and full life together as you take on life's thrills and uncertainties! 

Photos by J.Bird Photography

Photos by J.Bird Photography

I get excited about the daily mundane things in life and finding joy and inspiration in them. I think living daily life with Sam far outweighs any wedding day! I feel more loved in the daily things he does for me than I did when He said "I do". And it's because he shows me his "I do" in those daily things. He shows me how he continually chooses me each day. This kind of stuff fires me up! That's why I love being a wedding photographer, I get to take part in the beginning of people's marriages, and document the day that sets the tone for celebrating each day, the rest of their lives together!

Today's Giveaway

So, in honor of marriage, today I'm giving away a couple's photo session! Yippee!! I'm so excited!

How to enter 

Comment on this blog post with 1 thing that your significant other, friend, or family member has consistently done for you that has made you feel loved and cared for. 

You can enter for yourself and your spouse/significant other, or for a friend or family member and their spouse/significant other. *Please specify if you choose to enter for someone else.

You have today, tomorrow and Sunday to enter! Sam and I will be selecting the happy couple, and will be announcing it on Monday! I'm so excited to see what you guys write about! 

Here are a couple sneak peeks of a recent engagement session!