SBP April Goals & March Recap

Howdy friends!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with family! Sam and I got to spend the weekend with his parents in East Tx. It's always such a good time- full of good eats, fellowship and rest!

Throughout today's post I'll be sharing a few shots from my recent trip to New York! They are all film, taken with my Contax 645.

New York City

Here's a recap for my March goals!

✔️ 1. Celebrate w/ two great couples and shoot 2 beautiful weddings! - They were beautiful! 

✔️ 2. Shoot my first all film styled shoot! - I cannot wait to see the scans!!! Shout out to all the amazing vendors & models that helped out! 

3. Start our family's new monthly tradition. - Didn't make this happen yet. 

✔️ 4. Get organized on all admin fronts (taxes, budgeting, new bookkeeping system, etc...) - made huge strides in this area! Still some ways to go! 

✔️ 5. Blog 1 wedding & 1 session. - ( 1 session)

✔️ 6. Finish painting living room and start on kitchen! - Finished living room walls, entry and doors, but need to finish trim. Also, change of plans- starting on bedroom next, not kitchen.

✔️ 7. Attend a marriage retreat with Sam. 

✔️ 8. Attend our life group retreat.

9. Have new family photos taken by Loft Photographie! (We won their christmas giveaway!) #winning - scheduled for this month due to weather- so excited! 

10. Submit a fall wedding to a blog (i'm having to really crack down on the details here)! Hah! - Change of plans

11. Order print products for office. - Change of plans

✔️ 12. Plan week every Sunday. - Consistently planned week

13. Start running 1-2 times a week and continue to do crossfit 2-3 times a week. - working progress!

✔️ 14. Crack down (aka get organized/make it happen) on personal & work boundary lines as well as my morning ritual.   - working progress!


New York

As I've been reflecting about how I've approached setting goals and sharing them each month, I've decided that I wanted to clarify my "vision" for it, and make some minor adjustments.


This is a place and a space for me to share my "overview goals" and sometime the "not urgent" but "important" business and personal goals for each month. This is different than my monthly/weekly/daily to do lists that tend to hold the smaller and more urgent daily tasks.


I'm finding that just by having the accountability to have to post these on my blog towards the beginning of each month, is helping me make it happen- instead of it just becoming another "important" but "not urgent" thing on my "to do" list that doesn't get done when life gets crazy.

I've been learning a lot about prioritizing the "important" and not just letting the "urgent" take over. Sharing my goals each month is a way that I am bringing attention to the "important" things (not to say that ALL my goals each month are more important than any other daily tasks). It's also neat for me to share the fun things coming up because it's a way that I get to stir up a celebratory heart about life. Which I'm all about!

So without further ado... here's my April goals!

1. Plan and host our very first "Toast". (our new monthly tradition).

2. Collaborate/plan some up and coming shoots!

3. Get crazy on my workflow.

4. Set up 17 Hats workflow.

5. Submit shoots.

6. Get 5Dmk ll cleaned.

7. Blog twice.

8. Paint bedroom and finish livingroom trim.

9. Start 14 day cleanse. 

10. Support raise for our mission trip to Dubai this summer.

11. Start/continue running 1-2 times a week and crossfit 2-3 times a week.

12. Drink more water!

13. Continue to do my morning routine & start work by 9am. 

14. Have new family photos taken by Loft Photographie!


Well, there you have it folks!

Are any of you making monthly goals? I'd love for you to share them! Comment below with them or share a link to them. 


Thanks for reading!