Merry Making

I am so overjoyed to be finally getting to share this post with you all! I am so thankful that I got to attend Half Orange Photography's Workshop, "Merry Making" this past Aug. I was filled with hope as I was surrounded by others with similar hearts, insecurities and dreams for their photography business. 
This alone was encouragement enough, but the one thing I received from the lovely Half Orange ladies, (Stancy and Katie) that I feel has literally changed my life, is the art of "Merry Making". 
The Lord used them to plant a seed in my heart that would grow a desire to make a lifestyle of celebration! This was just the beginning of the revelation the Lord has brought this semester about the discipline of celebration. Augustine Of Hippo quoted in the book, "Celebration of Discipline" said, "The Christian should be an alleluia from head to foot!" Amen! That Is my heart to walk in complete trust and obedience to the Lord that then allows me to walk "care free", celebrating life to the fullest! "Freedom from anxiety and care forms the basis for celebration. Because we know He cares for us, we can cast all our cares upon Him" ( Richard Foster in "Celebration of Discipline" ). I love that it pleases and glorifies Jesus when we truly celebrate what we've been given! It also tickles me that as we make a lifestyle of celebration and cultivate a heart of thankfulness, we will soon find that we are truly happier and more at rest in the Lord. "Finally, an interesting characteristic of celebration is that it tends toward more celebration. Joy begets joy. Laughter begets laughter. It is one of those few things in life that we multiply by giving." ( Richard Foster in "Celebration of Discipline" ). 
That is my heart for my photography business, and I am right in the middle of the day to day mundane decisions to cultivate a heart of "Merry Making". 

Join me in the adventure? :-)

A huge thanks to all the wonderful vendors!

Venue: The Duchman Family Winery

Styling: 36th Street Events 

Flowers: D’Sweetpea Floral 

Furniture rentals: Furbish 

Dress: Blush Bridal Lounge 

Cake: Polkadots Cupcake Factory 

Stationery: Colette Creative 

Hair and make up: Adore Make Up Salon